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Acquiring the Game Data
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This tutorial deals primarily with providing you with an executable, but in order to play the game you also need the game data. FreeSpace 2 game data is available from a number of sources, see this thread: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/topic,38195.0.html (or use Turey's installer, see above for a link)

Note that if you use the retail CD, you'll need to extract the files and to copy them on your drive, reproducing the same layout as in a working win32 installation (just make sure every file is lowercase). All that really means is that you need the retail *.vp game data files in the same folder as the binary fs2_open_(r|d).

There are three ways of doing this,

  • Copy the files over from an existing FS2 Windows install (by mounting the Win partition), or
  • Use Wine to install the game in the right directory, using the Setup.exe found on the first CD, or,
  • Extract the files manually from the CD.

The third method is detailed below. The wine one is straightforward and you shouldn't need any specific instruction as it behaves like a Windows install, but you'll have to fix permissions and lowercase the filename as well, so keep reading.

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