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General Info

Status: Unknown
Release Date: TBA

  • Cobra - Project Lead
  • Nuclear - Lead FREDder/Story Designer
  • Ransom Arceihn - FREDder/Story Designer
  • Axem - Tester/Web Designer
  • YubYub - Tester
  • Blue Thunder - Tester
  • Annorax - Tester


Pathways is a user-made FreeSpace 2 campaign set about a few weeks after the Capellan supernova. Pirates have taken advantage of the depression the GTVA has been set into and have started raiding civilian and military freighters. As a result, the regular police have been overtaxed and GTVA command has put many of the alliance's fighter squadrons into police work. The 70th Blue Lions is one of those fighter squadrons.



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