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User-made campaigns are continuations of the FreeSpace saga, whether as sequels, prequels, or occurring simultaneously with one of the games. The following is an (incomplete) list of in-complete user-made campaigns.

Note: See the Campaign List for campaigns which have been released.


FreeSpace Universe


Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Pre-Great War Era
Campaigns set before the events of FreeSpace 1
Ancient-Shivan War Partial No FSO Various Complete mod 7 for first release The demise of the Ancients, but not without a fight Website
Akhom's Raiders Work-in-Progress No FSO Solatar Unknown Unknown During the last monthes of the T-V Wars, the 191st Elite Vasudan Squadron is tasked with hitting Terrans communication deep in their lines Thread
Into The Night Partial No FSO 158th Banshee Squadron Team Complete mod Unknown Before the Human Race united, the Earth Alliance and the Colonial Federation are at war Thread
Syrk: The Unification Wars Cancelled No FSO Various Complete mod 20 WIP Humanity has risen. Originated on the third planet of the Sol system and having greater dreams about their future, they’ve colonized Sol. But their fragile peace had shattered in no time and a civil war started Forum
Terran-Vasudan War Project Partial No FSO Various Complete mod Unknown The TVWP covers the history of the Sol and the GTA from 2313 to the arrival of the Shivans Website
Vasudan ImperiumPartialNoFSO & FSPRed Streblo Art, music, background 13 released Unknown Thread
Great War Era
Campaigns set around the events of FreeSpace 1
All Hands to WarWork-in-progressNoFS1HippoNone5 released 3 months after the destruction of the Lucifer the Hammer of Light attemps to drive a wedge between the GTA and the PVE, while the Shivans are still relentless Website
Fortunes of WarPartially releasedNoFS1Goober5000New ships, maybe other25 While part of the GTA are chasing the Ancient records, the front line is facing a second Lucifer Website
Prophecy Engagement Work-in-progress No FSP & FSO Sifle None 8 After the destruction of the Sol jump node and the Lucifer, the Bastion is engaged to track down the PVD Prophecy as the HOL develops a plan that might still give the Shivans an advantage over the GTA and the PVN None
Campaigns set in the user-made Shivans continuity
Memories of the Great War
Campaigns set in the user-made Memories of the Great War continuity
Reconstruction Era
Campaigns set between the events of FreeSpace 1 and FreeSpace 2
Between the AshesWork-in-progressNoFSO Mjn.MixaelComplete mod17 The losses to the Shivans and the crippled state of the GTA from the Fourteen Year War has caused many to lose faith in a unified government. And the Hammer of Light has become a dangerous terrorist group, but to what end? Website
Earth DefenseCancelledNoFSOVariousComplete mod10 released First version of Earth Defense, released as a demo. The story and the FREDding has been changed, so this version is obsolete Website
GTI Rebellion Cancelled Unknown FSO Various Music, maybe other 6 Unknown Website
MindGamesWork-in-progressUnknownFSO VariousComplete mod20+ Thirty years ago Sol's only jump node collapsed and mankind turned frightened eyes to the unknown skies. As time passed with no new Shivan assault, the fear turned inward. The face of the Alien Enemy slowly changed from Shivan to Vasudan. Website


Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Capella Era
Campaigns set around the events of FreeSpace 2
Chasing Demons Work-in-progress No FSO PhoenovaNoneUnknownFollow the GTD Phoenicia in its actions against the Shivans. Thread
Darkness Rising Work-in-progressNoFSO Gai Daigoji Unknown Unknown The Second Great War as seen by the Shivans Website
The Knights of Alrukabi Work-in-progressUnknown FSO eliex, Commander Zane, Dilmah G None Unknown The Special Operations Command devise a daring operation against NTF : Strike Alrukabi to shatter their command structure Thread
Neo TerraPartial, postponedNoFSOGai DaigojiNone19 released A new Terran pilot who defected to the NTF must ensure the rebellion succeeds - Alternative plotlineWebsite
Neo-Terra Victorious Cancelled NoFSO Alikchi, Blackwolf, maybe other New ships, new weapons 5 released As a pilot of the NTF, the player must fight against the GTVA traitors.
The Sagitta Project Work-in-progress Yes FSO Bob-san, Moebius Fully branching, maybe other Unknown Admiral Bosch prepared to counter every GTVA measure and make contact with potentially-hostile Shivans. However, unbeknown to the GTVA, Admiral Bosch's rebellion stemmed much deeper then suspected


Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Post-Capella Era
Campaigns set after the Capella supernova
9th FleetUnknownNoFSOEolisNew weapons, new ships, new texturesUnknown The GTVA discovers a new Knossos
A New Era Work-in-progress No FSO Hiigara None Unknown By 2370, the Vasudan race has disappeared and mankind is limited to an handful of ships None yet
Back From the Grave Work-in-progressNoFSONgtm1r New ships, new weapons, new raceUnknown By 2372, through a node in Vega thought collapsed, new ships emerge...
Children of ShivaWork-in-progressNoFSOAxemNew ships, new textures20 In the year 2372, Rane Gribek, a self proclaimed prophet of the Shivans embarks on a quest to spread the philosophy of death
Dissident TheoryWork-in-progressNoFSOfreespacegundamUnknownUnknownIn the seven years since Capella, the GTVA has set about the task of relocating the millions of Capella refugees. Then was discovered the Acacia system. Lush, vibrant, teaming with life and resources, its worlds have become the hope for the destitute masses - and also for castoffs, pirates and other opportunists Website
Earth DefenseWork-in-progressUnknownNoneVariousComplete mod30+The aftermath of Capella, 20 years ago, has manifested in widespread unhappiness throughout the Terran and Vasudan populace. Political strife and scheming have begun to decay the established government from the inside out. As a new Vasudan leadership emerges, a breakaway faction forms.Website
Eos: The Coward's BladeWork-in-progressNoFSOApolloNew ships, new weapons, new race12+Join the 5th fleet as they reclaim the Eos-256 system from Shivan forces.
Into the Depths of Hell Partial Unknown Unknown New ships, new weapons Unknown After the Capella supernova, the remnants of the Terran troops and refugees in Capella destruction of the Sathanas have no other choice but jumping into Shivan space, hopefully back to the GTVA space.
Machina TerraWork-in-progressYesFSOVariousComplete mod40Unknown
Olympus BurningWork-in-progressYesFSOsigtauNew ships, weapon, soundsUnknownThe hunt for an extremely enhanced Orion goes awryThread
Pathways Work-in-progressUnknownFSOVariousUnknownUnknownShortly after the Capella accident, pirates raid civilian and military assets, compelling the GTVA to get into police actions
Pirates of Yore Work-in-progress No FSO [CommanderDJ]2 released When Lieutenant Graham Helix hears about a slightly unusual group of pirates operating in Vega, his interest is sparked. Thread
Police Action Work-in-progress No FSO Ngtm1rNew ships, new installations30 Five months after the last of the Shivan forces were mopped up the GTVA's naval presence vastly reduced, allowing pirates to operate more freely. Meanwhile, the last NTF battlegroup is raising hell in Deneb ; and there are discontent voices amongst the Vasudans, there are discontent voices -- Sequel to Cleaning Crew
Race for Altair XIWork-in-progress NoFSONubblesNoneUnknownAs the 75th Blue Lions are travelling back home after the Capella supernova, they are ambushed by Vasudan forces
Stand Against the NightDemoNoFSO mr WHO new faction and sounds3 released GTVA is performing military exercices simulating a SHivan attack on Sol Thread
Teeth of the Tiger Work-in-progressUnknownFSOVariousComplete mod3 released In the weeks after the Capella accident, the GTVA decides to explore new systems Thread
The Omicron IncidentWork-in-progressNoFSOmacfieUnknown6 released The Omicron system is open to colonisation. But piracy must be wiped out before FreeSpaceMods
Twisted InfinitiesWork-in-progressUnknownFSO VariousComplete mod, atmospheric combat35 By 2378, some pirate groupes in
Utopia - Return to Neo TerraPartial, postponedNoUnknownGai DaigojiNone11 released Three years after Capella, the small Vasudan garrison of Solaris is unable to maintain control as Terrans begin to turn on each other. Stuck in the middle, a former NTF pilot must choose his path Website
Blue Planet
Campaigns set in the user-made Blue Planet continuity
Cold Element
Campaigns set in the user-made Cold Element continuity
Blackwater Operations DemoYesFSOVariousComplete mod, branching campaignUnknownUnknown
Campaigns set in the user-made Exile continuity
Into the Dark Waters Work-in-progressNoFSOExile TeamComplete mod25What if everything we have to save our home... Is not enough?
Into the Halls of Valhalla
Campaigns set in the Into the Halls of Valhalla sub-continuity of the user-made Cold Element continuity
Campaigns set independently in the user-made Cold Element continuity
Meditations on the AbyssPartialNoFS2Akalabeth Angel None6 releasedMiranda Doué yearns for asignment of low prestige, but sometimes fate is lacking of heroes Thread
Campaigns set in the user-made Incursion continuity
End War
Campaigns set in the user-made End War continuity
End WarWork-in-progressNoFSOShadowGorrath, EW teamComplete modUnknown 32 years has passed since the second Shivans incursion, but now at last, mankind will be able to connect back with their homeworld Thread
Campaigns set in the user-made Inferno continuity
Inferno: Alliance 1Work-in-progressNoINFA SAINFA Team34New version of the Inferno Alliance campaign
Inferno: Alliance 2Work-in-progressNoINFA SAINFA Team30+The newly born Earth Alliance faces the Jovian Coalition and its allies
Inferno SCP: Chapter OneWork-in-progressNoINF SCPINF SCP Team30+New version of Inferno Release 1, with major plot changes.
Inferno SCP: Chapter TwoWork-in-progressNoINF SCPINF SCP Team20+Continuation of Chapter One.
Steadfast Episode OneWork-in-progressNoFSO, Inferno R1, INFASteadfast Team25The GTCa Steadfast is sent to deal with Altair Phoenixes forces in Alpha Centauri
Steadfast Episode TwoPostponedNoFSO, Inferno R1, INFASteadfast Team20(?)The AP Rebellion continues and the integrity of the Alliance is threatened
Seeds of Rebellion
Campaigns set in the user-made Seeds of Rebellion continuity
Seeds of RebellionPostponedNoFSOKarajormaUnknown5By 2368, on a shakedown cruise to test its new systems, the GTAC Aethalides ends up in the middle of a war zone
The Centaur ProjectPartialYesFS2 or FSOGrunt, Laibon, stepanshukNew ships, new installation, branching18 releasedIn 2377, the Centaur Project aims at clearing definitly attacking the Shivans in their very systemsWebsite
Mercury AffairPostponedNoFSOKarajormaUnknown20+In 2376, secret cargos of the GTVA are mysterioulsy received in the Ross 128 system -- Sequel to Seeds of Rebellion
Workings of the Warp
Campaigns set in the user-made Working of the Warp continuity
OmensWork-in-progressNoFSOOrph3u5 Various UnknownUnknown Website

Non-FreeSpace continuity

Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
The Great War - IndependenceDemoNoFSOAlex Navarro New textures, music, sounds, weapons5 dogfight missionsIn year 2630, in a future distopia, human colonies claim their independence (Production Stalled) Thread
SHMUPSpace: Battle of DenebDemo v 1.2 NoFSO AndrewofDoom Complete change in genre. 1 (demo), 8-14 (planned) FreeSpace: The Shoot em up! Who needs a plot when you've got explosions! Thread
Civil WarTeaser ReleasedNoFSO & FSPTane Zezo Piper, macfie None7 for the teaserIn an alternate FreeSpace universe, Vasudans are traders and Shivans a mysterious warrior race FreeSpaceMods
MerkarDemoNoFSO & FSPMustang19 None4(demo) The Merkar Campaign Release Thread
Twist of FatePartialNoFSO $ FSPWoolie Wool and Various New ships, weapons, backgrounds, and music4 (demo), 15 (Chapter 1), 48 (all chapters)An alternate continuity where the Shivans died out and the Terna-Vasudan War rages on FreeSpaceMods
Storm Front
Campaigns set in the user-made Storm Front continuity


Campaign Release status Voiced Requirement Author(s) Special content Number of missions Story Link
Just Another Day 2.22: You Can (Not) WinWork-in-progressNo FSOAxem Even more Stuff? You still aren't Alpha 1, but you don't care. You're having too much fun!

The Babylon Project

Campaign Release status Voiced Author(s) Number of missions Features Story and notes Link

BattleStar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line

Campaign Release status Voiced Author(s) Number of missions Features Story and notes Link
BattleStar Galactica: Beyond the Red LineLinkWork-in-progressDemo releasedBeyond the Red Line is a standalone total conversion based on the popular new tv-show Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined) - Main campaign
Battlecruiser ArchangelDemo releasedNo ShivUnknown The untold story of Geminion survivors Thread

Wings of Dawn

Campaign Release status Author(s) Number of missions Features Story and notes Link
Wings of Dawn 2: Into the VoidWork-in-Progress Spoon Unknown Sequel to Wings of Dawn.

Other universes

Project Website Mod status Main campaign release status Description
Fate of the Galaxy Link Work-in-progress An attempt to bring Star Wars to FreeSpace, also known as the Star Wars Conversion.
FreeSpace: Reunited None Work-in-progress This mod aims at merging the universe of FreeSpace with the one of BattleStar Galactica
FringespaceLinkWork-in-progressThis project is designed to duplicate, as closely as possible, the "feel" of Tachyon: The Fringe, within the Freespace2_Open game engine as well as an attempt to update the visuals and the playing experience for Tachyon fans.
Shattered Stars None Work-in-progress Unreleased This mod features high speed, realistic, high stakes gameplay, while maintaining the setting within the universe of the 2012 Total Recall remake film.
Star Fleet AcademyNoneWork-in-progress This project aims at entailling events from multi-eras of the Trek Continuum
StarforceNoneWork-in-progressThe Starforce Mod is a continuation of the FS universe into the 41st century.The project is intended to be more of a starting point for other projects rather than a full campaign in itself.
Star Fox: Shadows of LylatLinkCancelledStarfox: Shadows of Lylat is a standalone mod for FreeSpace 2 Open based on the Star Fox games, with many new features such as rail missions and planet-side missions.
The Apocalypse ProjectLinkCancelled A project to create a space combat simulator set in the Homeworld universe.
Robotech 2.0NoneUnknown This project plan to expand the original Robotech mod
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