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Can it be made so that the AI ships and turrets only shoot at asteroids in active asteroid fields? I was testing one of my missions with a passive field today and saw the enemies randomly shooting at stuff (took me a while to figure out what they were after); it looked pretty stupid since your wing is some distance away and there are no other friendly units in the area. And of course, with the excellent aim that they have, they kept accidentally hitting their own installation in the area and its entry in the escort list was consistently flashing. :rolleyes: I could probably get around this by locking their weapons until you get close to them, but that would take some work since there are a lot of fighters there, and I think this change would be pretty easy to make.

On an unrelated note, are the forums going very slow today for anyone else? Everything is taking much longer to load than usual for me.
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I tried recommending some updates on the Ai as well .. but the SCP guys are engaged somewhere else ... :nervous:

It hardly looks that the Ai will be more intelligent someday. :(
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