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Here is the 13th mission from the 3nd campaign:

I have struggled with the debriefing and player balancing more than anything else.  Just like where I work this needs another set of eyes to critically look it over. It's too bad that there isn't a spell checker built into FRED, it seemed like every time I replayed the mission I would find another spelling error.
Grrr, Is this how FRED is supposed to work? ...stupid debriefings


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Fixing messages will be much easier in 3.7 as you can export the script to a separate file and spellcheck that.

Downloading the mission now. I will check it out this weekend. Anyone else is as always welcome to give their comments.
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Sorry to take so long to get back to you but I finally got some time to test the mission. I'm finding it a little hard but it could just be that I'm out of practice. Nonetheless lets crack this mission open in FRED and see what needs to be fixed both from playing it and looking at it in FRED.

  • Beta wing are Hercs not bombers in the mission briefing. Minor oversight no doubt as you've labelled Delta correctly.
  • The Mekhu is present in the team loadout although as far as I can see there's nothing that can use it.
  • You don't appear to have anything on the escort list. You should always mark important ships as escort ships and give them a priority. As far as the enemy caps go I'd recommend giving the base the highest priority followed by the Corvettes and then the cruisers. In that way you'll always see them lined up in order of priority.
  • You've marked all the NTF ships as ignore for counting goals. Why?
  • The speech is rather sparse. I'd like to hear from Command when you kill either cruiser or achieve anything else noteworthy.
  • Your Return to Base Directive is not quite correct. It will only appear when "NTF Unknown leave" has been true for 30 seconds and it will appear completed at that time even if the player is still around. Use the delay on your is-event-true to decide when you want the message to appear but also use an AND to make it check for the departure of Alpha 1.
  • I never actually lived long enough to get to the debriefings (like I said it may be that I'm rusty) but they look fine from what I can see of them in FRED. You also have an AWOL debriefing which makes me happy yet sad that I'm deprived of my favourite thing to go after FRED Academy newbies for :)
  • You've ticked the no traitor option. Again, why?
  • I noticed the nice use of validate and invalidate goals. :yes: Well done. I was planning to suggest it but I see you beat me to it. :)
  • The cruisers both seem to be labled NTF <name> instead of NTC <name> I suspect that's going to be difficult to change in FRED but probably much easier in notepad using search and replace.

Overall it's looking fairly solid so far. A few things to correct and it might be nice if someone else would play it to check on the difficulty but not bad at all. Keep at it and I'll be happy to take another look once you've corrected those faults.
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I had a go at this (dang I'm rusty too, too much X3 :lol:), medium difficulty, MvPs + adveffects on 369 stable. First try was in an Artemis, that round was just utter crap. Second try in a Ulysses, twin HL-7 and a Tornado rack, Medusas replaced Hornets for Tornadoes. I figured if bombing didn't work, might as well shake the fighters off the crap wingmen.

Within 1:00 two members of Alpha were gone, within 2:00 everyone was gone, including the reinforcements, and I had 2% hull only to stupidly ram one of the enemy HercII's from the mobile base whatever. Took only one beam salvo, 66.6% success rate (IIRC the AAAf/h fires three shots, so two shots hit me, one missed). Mad missile frenzy with only one or two instances of moderate lag.

I didn't see the debrief either :lol:.
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