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Capital Ships custom mission
I thought I'll point out this mission created by member Kevin Caccamo

Thread on

This is a Wing Commander: Saga custom mission based on the Wing Commander Arena game mode called "Capital Ships"

Wing Commander Arena is a 16 player Wing Commander game that just recently came out for Xbox 360 live arcade.

Just like Wing Commander Arena, you have two capital ships battling it out with their lasers and photon cannons.

There are also pickup items in this mission (which is why it's in a VP) that improve you in certain ways.

If you just want to go ahead and play the mission, unzip the VP to your WC Saga folder and it's ready to go.  Enter the sim and run the mission "Arena Tribute - Capital Ships"

If you want to make your own missions with pickups, see pickupinfo.txt for more details
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Re: Capital Ships custom mission
Looks good. :yes:

Make sure someone explains to him how to use the every-time-argument if he doesn't already know though. Once he added that to his mission he can have the pickups respawn using ship-create (I assume that works with ship-vanish but I've not tried myself) and once converted to a multiplayer mission he could also have any of the ships able to make the pickups without having to waste time with massive duplication of events.
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Re: Capital Ships custom mission
I sure enjoyed the mission. It's a very replayable scenario and can turn out in a number of very entertaining ways while remaining challenging and engaging time and time again. Messing around with the player's fighter type and loadout for it in FRED can mix things up, too. If anything the Confed. cruiser seems to hold up a little too easily to the cats' fighter and bomber waves, but it sure doesn't take anything away from the fun. :)
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