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Using md5summer on your FreeSpace dir to aide in troubleshooting
OK, first:

1) Get md5summer, latest version (currently beta from 2006; don't worry, it works).

2) Download the file TureyFS.md5 and save it somewhere, preferably to your FreeSpace2 root directory (usually C:\Games\FreeSpace2).

3) Unzip md5summer to a directory of your choice (I chose \Tools\md5v12011\).

4) Run md5summer (double-click, or Start > Run, click browse, and find it, then hit "OK").

5) Select the directory FreeSpace2 is located in (usually C:\Games\FreeSpace2), and click the "Verify Sums" button.

6) Select the TureyFS.md5 (might appear simply as TureyFS) file, and click "Open".

7) After md5summer is finished, click "Yes" when asked if you wish to list errors found while processing.  (There will be at least one, I know for a fact!  ;)  This is not bad, unless there are more... but anyways; continue!)

8) In the report screen, click "Save".  Save the file in a location convenient for you (eg, My Documents or the Desktop).

9) Open the file you just saved (in Notepad or similar).

10) On your keyboard, hold CTRL and press A, then release both keys.  Now, hold CTRL and press C, then release both keys. 
      Alternatively, click the Edit  menu, and click Select All.  Now click the Edit menu, and click Copy.  (This accomplishes the same thing.)

11) Go to , and click inside of the main text area.  Now, hold down CTRL and press V.  Or, right-click in this area, and click Paste (again, same thing).  (FYI: If you didn't notice, the key combo for "Cut" is hold CTRL and press X... but you don't need to know that for our purposes here.)

12) Type in a user name (preferably, your HLP login, but this step is not necessary; you can post anonymously, but it would probably help to type in your HLP username like I suggested).  Now, make sure that under "How long should your post be retained", you click "One month".  Then, click "Send".

13) Click inside the address bar.  If the entire address does not turn blue, either hold CTRL and press A, then release both keys, or, right-click inside the address bar, and click "Select All".  Now that the entire address is selected, either hold CTRL and press C, then release both keys, or, right-click the selected text, and click "Copy".

14) Paste this code (which links to your test results) into your post in our forums.

Appendix: Attaching a file to your post in Hard Light Productions Forums.

1) Click on "Reply", or "Create New Topic".

2) If you clicked "Create New Topic", fill in your subject line.

3) Click the "Additional Options" link.

4) Click the "Browse" button that is now visible, and find your file.  If you want to attach multiple files, then click the "more attachments" link; this will cause additional attach file address lines to appear.  If you open too many file attach lines, or change your mind on a file, then leave the line blank (erase it); this line will then be ignored.

You may also find it helpful to attach a listing of your FS2 directory contents, as this will help us to determine if you have any extra files that might be causing your trouble.  (MD5Summer doesn't take into account any additional files present in your FS2 directory tree; it only looks for changed and/or missing files.)  See the post following this one for instructions.
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Posting your FS2 directory contents
1) Start->Run, type cmd
Code: [Select]
cmd press enter.

2) Type dir "c:\games\freespace2" /s>"%homepath%\Desktop\fs2dir.txt"
Code: [Select]
dir "c:\games\freespace2" /s>"%homepath%\Desktop\fs2dir.txt"(Replace c:\games\freespace2 with your fs2 dir drive / path as neccessary.)
press enter.

3) To post it, hit "Additional Options", hit "Browse", find your fs2dir.txt file in your Desktop folder, then post it - if you don't see "Additional Options" (because you are using a Quick-Reply window ;) ), hit the "Preview" button first, then it will show up.

EDIT: made a change so that the file gets put in the desktop instead of documents folder
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