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RELEASE: My first mission... NTD Victory Escape
I have had Freespace for a long time. I would just mess around in FRED 2 making crazy missions, just to see what would happen. Such as pitting a Colossus against a whole fleet of enemy ships to see how long it would last, stupid missions like that. I wouldn't put in a story line, briefing, or anything, I would just put the ships there and beam free them.

Last Saturday (February 16, 2008) I got tired of that and finally got interested in actually making a mission with a story line.

Because this is my first mission, I wanted to get into all the aspects of FRED that I hadn't touched on yet. Briefings, Debriefings, Docking, Waypoints, mission objectives, directives, and custom messages. This mission started out simple enough, I put in an Orion class destroyer, and some fighters and bombers. and eventually I just built on that to make the mission that I give you now.

I tested it over and over, along with my brother, and I believe that I have removed all the bugs. If you find one please inform me!

It is a single player mission, but I made it into a multiplayer co-op mission as well. (Just by saving it under a different name - NTD Victory Escape - Multi - and went into the mission specs and made it multiplayer with 10 lives. Then I put in more player ships)

*fix: now with backgrounds!
-Thanks Mad Bomber

I would like to know what you think!

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Re: RELEASE: My first mission... NTD Victory Escape
Pretty decent for a first attempt. No show-stopping bugs or anything, and there's some mission chatter.

Biggest problem, of course, was lack of background. When in doubt, at least copy and paste background info from some other random mission in Notepad.

6/10, but for a first mission that's not bad at all.
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Re: RELEASE: My first mission... NTD Victory Escape
It's a good enough mission to be included in a good campaign. It's not like one of Mobius' "packed with variables and 200+ events" type missions, but it's still a fun mission. I found the repeating waves a bit monotonous, however (though I find repeating waves monotonous anyway under any circumstances).


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Re: RELEASE: My first mission... NTD Victory Escape
That's a ton of events for a first mission! Impressive... most impressive.

I think it might be a tad on the hard side, especially since this is a two-part mission. Maybe you could have some checks on the wings that arrive later that depend on the player's performance in the first part. Like, say, if you're playing on Very Easy and have 90% health, make a wing of Lokis arrive with specific orders to attack Alpha 1. Or, if you're playing on Medium or harder and you're at 20% health when the Papyrus arrives, relax the difficulty by doing a set-subsys-random on the enemy Leviathan.

I do really like the fact that you have to dogfight in a bomber for most of the mission. Since you're unable to destroy the Victory without bombing it (unless you're in a Myrmidon carrying Stilettos, but we'll let that slide) it makes a nice challenge. You could also prune the team loadout a bit more, dropping the Kayser, Circe, Ares and other special-ops equipment.
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Re: RELEASE: My first mission... NTD Victory Escape
very nice. a couple suggestions on top of what is above though: the NTF medusas are all loaded up with bombs, so theyre no threat whatsoever to fighter craft and the like, and since they jump in at such a distance, its really easy to take them out. Maybe give one piranhas and missiles and have it cover the rest of the wing? Or just have their fighter cover come in with them.

good stuff though


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Re: RELEASE: My first mission... NTD Victory Escape
A thing I've learned is that enemy bombers, when playing on Medium or lower, hardly survive long enough to launch all their bombs. So it's fine loading them up with 2 banks o' Hornets (or Tornadoes, if they are compatible, don't remember) and only 1 bank of Cyclopes.


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