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SushiGlide v5: Come and get it!
« on: April 21, 2009, 10:28:02 am »
Get it here!
SushiGlide v5

Update 5/2/09: Added the patch file that should have been there :)

SushiGlide v5 Contents
  • Win32 Build including the fixes and new features
  • patch file with all code changes
  • Demo mods for BTRL, TBP, and RealFlight that take advantage of the new features
  • README file

SushiGlide is my attempt to add more consistency and flexibility to the way that glide is implemented in FS2_Open. That, and fix a couple of bugs. Please try it out and let me know what you think. If it is deemed worthy, let's get this into the main code branch somewhere. :)

The v5 thing is simply to distinguish this from my previous experiments. I haven't really gone through 5 major revisions! :D

Full details are in the README file included in the ZIP, but here are the highlights:

Bug Fixes
  • FIX: Sidethrust power is now much more consistent between normal flight and glide mode.
  • FIX: Accelerations no longer suffer from the "inverse ramp" effect where ships accelerate faster at higher speeds.
  • FIX: The throttle control now works properly in glide mode. Before, any throttle at all meant 100% forward thrust. Now, it is either proportional thrust or ramping up to a target forward velocity (depending on whether or not glide acceleration ramping is used: see README for details).
  • FIX: Speed matching is disabled in glide mode. It was just causing problems.
  • FIX: Default glide behavior is to disallow acceleration while gliding.*

*The ONLY significant change from the current 3.6.10 builds is that by default ships cannot accelerate at all while in glide mode. This is reverting an unintentional change from 3.6.9, and in any case is easily fixed in the tables.

Optional new features
  • Per-ship newtonian dampening: the $use newtonian dampening AI_Tables flag can be set to YES or NO on a per-ship basis. This is particularly useful for RealFlight.
  • Dynamic Glide Cap: The maximum glide speed is always the same as your maximum top speed in normal flight, counting adjustments for things like afterburners and overclocking engines.
  • Table-controlled glide acceleration: The acceleration modifier for ships in glide mode (previously hardcoded) is now a table entry
  • Glide Speed Ramping: Instead of having fixed acceleration in glide mode, allows for the glide speeds to ramp in the same way that normal flight speeds do.

Thread discussing motivation and other experiments:,62235.0.html

3.6.10 RC2 Release thread also had some discussion about this:,62210.msg1230155.html#msg1230155

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Re: SushiGlide v5: Come and get it!
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2009, 04:09:47 am »
 :yes: tried out yesterday, very nice!
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