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FS2H back on cue...
Hello to all,

A very interesting bit of info here:

It's been a very long while since our last update regarding the much regretted FS2 halo MOD, yet new things seemed to turn up:

I think it might be a good idea to show support to see this completed: I've already extended an invitation to HLP.

Here's the answer I was given:

Hey Starlord.

I am in the process of retrieving much of the information from Devrous' files. As soon as I get them all I'll be sure to post that information.

And to clarify, Devrous had a lot of family trouble in the last few years, as well as having his computer fried. I really think he thought it was cursed!  lol

In either event, he is deeply apologetic on the issue and would one day like to return to the project. He has since joined either the Peace Corps of the Air Force (can't remember which one) and will probably be unavailable for comment for several years.

As far as FS2H is concerned, I did watch many of the steps he took during its creation, and I am confident that I can recreate whatever is missing from the back-up files he did manage to dig up. Months of work is lost, but the "meat" of the project is still intact. So that's good news so far as development continuing. Also, I'll be very open to the idea of having an actual team work on this. While I think I could do it solo, it would end up taking forever and wouldn't look half as good as it could if more people got involved.

Please feel free to post any of this information on any of the websites he was a part of. I am in the middle of moving and may not be able to immediately address concerns until the middle of next week, perhaps sooner.

And thank you for the email. I was beginning to wonder20if anyone even bothered with this mod any more. Poor Devrous got hit with a Mac-truck of problems and I'd hate to see this thing die without a chance. I am pleased to hear that there are still people hopeful for this project.


Anyone caring to comment?


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Re: FS2H back on cue...
Well it's nice to see a project still alive, I personally think that searching new crewmen for the project will be the right thing to do and will help the development.
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Re: FS2H back on cue...
I'm guessing a lot of people here will be satisfied with those news: At last HALO lies before us. ;7

Re: FS2H back on cue...
I definately think people will still be interested... when Devrous left that was the case.  They didnt lock the forums for a year after his last post.


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Re: FS2H back on cue...
Indeed, I left the current FS2H authority the link to this post? :D

EDIT: a demonstration of what that MOD can do:

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