Author Topic: Use Mantis to report bugs! (FSU Version)  (Read 23288 times)

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Use Mantis to report bugs! (FSU Version)

Check out the new FSU Project Mantis!

Thats right. The FSU now has it's very own Mantis! Bug reports, Feature Requests and even WIPs regarding the MediaVP's can now be posted there.

To view bugs you can use the Anonymous Login, but to post new reports, you must be registered.

For those who don't already know, the Freespace Upgrade Project (FSU) manages the content of the community Media VPs, which provide graphical updates and bug fixes for the main FS2 campaign to take advantage of the features implemented by the Source Code Project. The current version of the Media VPs is 3.6.10 -> Get it here!

So, join in the fun and help shape the future of FSU MediaVPs. It's your eyes this eye-candy is for, after all.
Report MediaVP issues, now on the MediaVP Mantis! Read all about it Here!
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Re: Use Mantis to report bugs! (FSU Version)
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Re: Use Mantis to report bugs! (FSU Version)
I can't emphasise how useful having this kind of a system is.

Note for people wanting to add bugs: Make them informative, useful and containing all the information needed to reproduce a bug.
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