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Using multiple "Utilty Mods"
I read a Post about this recently and it only helped somewhat. I am a newbie to FSO, but not to FS1 and FS2 which I've been playing  both since way back when.  Aren't Mods like the Cockpit , Mainhall and even the VP Mods just "uility mods" and not campaigns or single missions? When you enable a  "utility" Mod like  a VP Mod, cockpit or HUD Mod does it actually load the game and use the Mod or does something different happen? The Post I read mentioned that he enabled a Cockpit Mod but was overwritten by the Media VP Mod that he enabled. When I first got into FSO, I was hoping that I could enable multiple "utility" Mods so that these type of Mods could be used together with any campaigns or even single missions for either FS1 or FS2. The response he got was that these type of Mods don't work like that and to accomplish such a thing would require changing and modifying stuff. Can you even combine one mod with another? What I read suggests you can't even with some modification(s) of any Mods. Hope this wasn't to confusing.


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Re: Using multiple "Utilty Mods"
When I started playing, somebody recommended that if I wanted to have a customized version to my liking, I should use the "Develop" tool in Knossos, and then choose the mods to use together, the FSO build, etc...
In fact, I even edit my own ai.tbl files and other stuff, to tweak the AI and ship behavior to my liking.

Re: Using multiple "Utilty Mods"
I'll give it a try.


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Re: Using multiple "Utilty Mods"
Historically speaking, FS modding hasn't really involved the sorts of plug-and-play utility mods you'd find for a game like Skyrim. It's always been centered around the creation of new campaigns, and the new models and effects that are required for them. This makes sense given the type of game that FS is, but it does mean that dropping smaller utility mods on top of pre-existing ones can sometimes be a bit more complicated. As Toranks said, if you're using Knossos, the best way to go about it is to essentially create your own "mod" that incorporates the elements you want, as well as whatever campaign you're trying to play.