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Several Mods Won't Launch
So while there may be others, the ones that I'm currently having this problem with are Homesick and Shrouding the Light. Trying to launch stuff from Knossos (I replay FreeSpace + mods every couple years; this is my first time running it through Knossos) and when the FSO Settings for these are set to "Mod Default" it gives me "No executable was found for this mod!". If I go in and manually select an FSO build, I get: "Homesick" (1.0.1-0) requires "Freespace Upgrade MediaVPs" which is missing!

I've already tried messing with every setting I can find, and uninstalling/reinstalling the mods, but not having luck.

I was really hoping to play these next, having just finished FS1 and ST:R (trying to go in some semblance of chronological order) so any help in figuring what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Several Mods Won't Launch
Missing MVPS is a pretty well known problem, it's when the mod you're trying to launch for some reason requires an optional package from MVPS that you don't have installed. Go into Details -> Modify of the mod, check all boxes and let it do the downloading. Alternately, see in the Modify menu which MVPS version the mod requires, go into Modify of that version of MVPS and install the additional packages.
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Re: Several Mods Won't Launch
I've done that a few times; the boxes never stay checked after the download and it will always re-download stuff and continue to not work... It's very confusing and frustrating


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Re: Several Mods Won't Launch
If you haven't already, I suggest you try the updated knossos build in this thread:
With any luck it will give you a more useful information about what the conflict is, there are improved error messages for some situations there.
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Re: Several Mods Won't Launch
Updating Knossos fixed the problem! For whatever reason that allowed the "Modify" updates to stick, and now things work. Thank you kindly for the suggestion; hadn't thought to try that one!  :yes: