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...anyone else wanna point out the irony here?


Well, nearly lightspeed, it's actually a fraction under lightspeed in copper cable, and slightly slower still in Optical cable ;)

Thing is, when dealing with stuff like IP, you're heavily reliant on the quality of service, since IP carries no QoS protection whatsoever. A set-up might work just fine in a country with a good Internet service, and in a limited context, but there's a slight problem here that occurs to me.

The fact is, this sort of system will appeal to the range of people who either have the lowest access to new technology, or are in a wage bracket that wouldn't support maintaining a high-end system. The problem I see here is that, particularly in the first case, the quality of the Internet service also drops with the lack of access to technology, this sort of thing would be great, for example, in less affluent countries, but the Internet service in those countries is also going to be worse, thus removing one technological bottleneck and introducing another.


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Well, my first thought was that OnLive will be a good service, after all, this does mean you can "play" Crysis on a low-end machine with the gameplay video streaming back to you...

I'm a bit worried though, as this might have the potential to destroy the PC Gaming market from the inside out.  What if a game is only available for OnLive and not Steam or GoG? What if OnLive or something similar becomes the standard?

And my second worry, I just tried something similar to game streaming...  Remote Access on Linux.  And it was choppy as *HECK*.  I had to wait at least FOUR SECONDS before I got the desktop cube zoomout on the machine that I was accessing my big PC with.  Which is a lot longer than I should have had to wait.
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Naa, I don't think this will be a big competitor to standard game releases. There are still those gamers who'd rather own the game and the machine it's running on themselves. It could be a danger to the console market, but even that depends on OnLive's ability to deliver the promised performance to everyones satisfaction.
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You are asking me to take, on face-value, the experiences of a bunch of media crankjobs who are hailing this technology as something that will replace consoles completely? I think I'll start taking them more seriously when they stop preaching armegeddon like gleeful schoolchildren searching for candy.
I'm asking you not to throw some sort of ****ing hissy fit over a technology that probably won't affect you in the least...and that's even if it gets off the ground.  I can understand disagreeing with the concept, but why in God's name did you come out with such an irrationally angry outburst?  Please, help me understand that, because I'm at a complete loss.

...because it really does affect me in a huge way? I'd try explaining but it involves things like "business" which I'd rather keep out of this. Now of course this doesn't validate the fact that i had a hissy fit over it. I had a hissy fit over it because I felt like having a hissy fit over it and I thought it was totally ridiculous. If you don't like that then you are free to throw your own hissy fit over my hissy fit but it's not liable to make much of a difference. :P

So in what strange fantasy world have you figured out this hurdle while the people who are developing said system haven't?  Could it possibly be the case that, just maybe, the developers trying to market this as a viable product have taken this completely into account and know how to deal with it?  Last time I checked, the system specs required to run Crysis adequately aren't some form of arcane knowledge, revealed only to the Illuminati.

I'm not saying they haven't figured out a way to solve it, but I question the feasibility of buying that many systems without charging ridiculous amounts of money. Alternatively, the issue is that they won't let you play the games to their fullest graphical potential, which really kills a lot of the appeal because a large number of people would only be playing it on slightly higher graphics settings and would be better off just playing it on their computer

That's the niche they're trying to fill, and if they can get the technology to work as well in full-scale execution as it seemingly has in the current setup, I could easily see them getting a significant amount of business.

I agree

anyone else wanna point out the irony here?

He has a point. HTTP is not designed for live streaming of video, and even though they have obviously spent time working around these issues, there is a lot of lag that is inherent in the physical infrastructure of the internet itself. As my friend pointed out, the absolute minimum lag time is 2 times your latent ping to the server, which on a T1 line from his college would be something like 20 ms, times 2 is 40 ms, + 1 for encoding, + 16 ms for rendering the frame on the server in the first place, + a good 5 or so ms for the computer to process the incoming video feed, which means the minimum lag is about 57 ms, or almost 4 frames per second.

Current broadband is excellent for transferring extremely large amounts of data, but it isn't well known for being particularly reliable. Again, they can compensate for this in the technology, but you are hosed if your internet cuts out or if your ISP gets clogged up, which is going to be a huge problem if you have hundreds of people in a concentrated area all with constant live streams of video feeds sucking up their entire internet connection. ISPs are NOT designed for people to be using 90% of their potential internet connection all the time.

I loved the concept basicly but I would hate it become a reality. Damn, I hate Steam too. I want a goddamn DVD in my hand that can be played as often as I want, without internet, DRM and ****.

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Like or not, a new game system that dont allow some level of piracy is condement to fail.

Onlive is at last a new idea, but an idea that will only work on US, and at some level.


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Like or not, a new game system that dont allow some level of piracy is condement to fail.

Onlive is at last a new idea, but an idea that will only work on US, and at some level.

Quote from: Unreal Tournament 1999 bot7

Oh yeah!

Just likely to create -more- pirates.
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