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Weapon impact decal test builds

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I rebased the decal changes onto the latest master and the builds in the first post have been updated. I tried getting the decals to work with nebula environments but unfortunately I have not found a good solution for this which does not require extensive changes to the FSO rendering engine. For this reason, I chose to disable decal rendering when the mission is in a nebula. Obviously that is not the best solution but it is better than delaying this feature until I find a better solution for handling decals in nebulas.

I will open a pull request with these changes shortly so if you want something changed then now would be a good time to let me know :p

Do slash beams leave glowing decals behind their path now?  ;7

No, I haven't changed anything from the last test builds and beams are going to be pretty annoying to implement so it will probably take some time until you can have decals from beams.


--- Code: ---ASSERTION: "decal.object.objp->type == OBJ_SHIP" at decals.cpp:393
Only ships are currently supported for decals!
--- End code ---

I've been running into this crash when using a weapon that has a decal. Commenting the decal part of the weapon entry out, seems to prevent this crash from happening.
I'm not entirely sure under what exact conditions this crash happens, since I've been using this weapon in other missions before without noticable issues.

I don't know how that assertion could ever be hit :confused:

Is this specific to one weapon type or does it happen with all decal enabled weapons?


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