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Android port of Freespace 2 works (demo inside)

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Bryan See:

--- Quote from: Nightmare on October 12, 2018, 02:16:58 pm ---I think FS2 on a smartphone is... kinda awkward. And the time needed to make Knossos Android compatible is MUCH better spent elsewhere instead of something a dozen people or so will use.

--- End quote ---
Unless optimizations are being made.

Amazing! Although I more see this as proof-of-concept rather than something that would actually get used. Kinda like how some people tried to get command and conquer games on android but C&C Android never went any further than a fan experiment

o wait


I know at least with a lot of the higher end phones you can basically turn them into a comfortable little desktop with a dock, and that's probably eventually going to be wireless (if it isn't already) so...


--- Quote ---  I think FS2 on a smartphone is... kinda awkward.

--- End quote ---

It could easily be 10" tablet as well.

While I always appreciate new features, I'm unsure how big the benefit of a FSO on Android would be. FS tends to have countless controls, of which several are needed to play, in particular for the mods...


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