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FS2 Open native on Apple Silicon

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The E:

--- Quote from: ShivanSpS on February 19, 2021, 08:14:36 am ---Actually, the performance is not too bad for the M1. Specially if you are talking about 1080p, AMD Vega 11 is not that much faster really.

What i do find interesting is that you were able to run mediavps on the M1 on arm64 with the unaligned models and shields system not causing crashes, i really had to solve quitte of a few issues to do that on the RPI, it looks like Apple handles that a lot better.

--- End quote ---

The M1 does include some special bits for memory access in order to speed up x86 emulation, I think that may be the reason why?

Yeah, i guess they really had to ensure the CPU could properly handle that. It could also be their kernel, the linux kernel actually does a good job in fixing some of the unaligned memory access, because if i disable the unaligned access fixing in linux, FSO will still crash in... i think it was the scripting area.


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