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Nightly: 20 January 2022 - Revision 33fa58400

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The earlier jump time happened about 1 in 9 tries in my tests, so it wasn't easily reproducible. I'll do some additional testing and see if I can narrow down something that will help explain or better debug this.


Ten seconds:

Five seconds:

In the process of jumping in when the mission loaded:

Believe it or not, this might have something to do with ship selection and/or loadout. That's the only thing I've been changing.

EDIT: No, scratch that. After further investigation, I think what's happening here is that the mission clock actually starts running during the mission briefing, not the mission itself. I've noticed some odd behavior in other missions, like starting far away from other ships that are already engaged in combat, and I think it's because the mission actually begins when the briefing starts--running underneath the briefing itself--so while you're listening to the briefing and choosing your loadout, time is ticking away and your wingmen are already mixing it up. That's why restarting the mission fixes things: it resets the mission timer to zero (and skips the briefing entirely) so everything runs normally.

Great catch on the briefing. Can confirm on my end, too.

Confirmed here too.

Edit: Adding to that, I waited over a minute at the briefing and when I entered the mission the Hope was already there and off to my left and the Shivans were in mission too.

Trivial Psychic:
I'm no coder, but could this change have something to do with it?

--- Code: ---convert the FSO timestamp system to use SDL time
--- End code ---


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