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Development Problem - Need help with decision

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--- Quote from: Mobius on January 15, 2022, 09:52:37 am ---Release the first chapter and whenever the extra content is ready, add it to the modpack in a future release.

--- End quote ---

Based on the advice I've been getting, that does sound like the best course of action.

--- Quote ---Keep in mind that you will most likely release several updates for FSO

--- End quote ---

21.4 is perfect the way it is for what I need, I see no reason to change it.

--- Quote ---and eventual MVP compatibility

--- End quote ---

...Why would a Total Conversion need MVP compatibility?

FSO updates over the years have resulted in the creation of new MVP effects and graphical content that any given TC can borrow, so you may need ad hoc updates for that. It may or may not happen.  :)

Well in that case I'd just integrate them directly rather than make a Standalone dependent on it, which would sort of ruin the point of having a Standalone.

Even then, I think the effects are all fine as-is.

For every mod I've played with 'VN sequences' (or really any kind of extra long briefing/non-mission content that doesn't have that much relevant information regarding the missions themselves), I just try to skip over them as fast as possible. So even if you perfect what you want to do, perhaps you should release a version without it anyway.


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