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RELEASE: The Great War - Vasudan Imperium DEMO

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The E:
You know, you could have asked. It's not like FSPort is the only mod with lots of tabled tracks.

(Also, debug errors and warnings are there for a reason. Ignore them at your own peril.)

Oh, I knew about it. I just left them in there for forward compatibility.

Anyway. You guys able to play alright with 3.6.12r?

The E:
It's only forward compatibility if a given feature is actually requested and implemented, I think.


--- Quote from: Galemp on September 29, 2010, 10:23:03 am ---You will receive wingman messages from Terran personas. This is a bug in the code; all wingmen have the Vasudan persona assigned to them.
--- End quote ---
It's not so much a bug as it is Volition simply not bothering to have certain Vasudan wingmen lines.  "Alpha arrives" through "Epsilon arrives" are the most glaring omissions.

Anyway, well done on the release. :):yes:

Goob, if you had played the campaign, you would know that your wingmates are not Alpha through Epsilon. :(

Rather, all the 'Watch your six' messages are from Terran personas, even though there are no such personae in the mission.


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