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Another one I need to play when I get my mobo back!


--- Quote from: Galemp on September 29, 2010, 08:28:57 pm ---Goob, if you had played the campaign, you would know that your wingmates are not Alpha through Epsilon. :(
--- End quote ---
I did play the campaign! :(  Remember all those comments I sent to you about it?

You'll notice I didn't say in my last post that Alpha-Epsilon were used in VI.  Rather, I went through the messages.tbl recently to enumerate the lines Volition didn't have Vasudan voices for, and the omission of Alpha-Epsilon stood out the strongest to me.

It is unfortunate that  :v: did not have all of the proper lines for Vasudan pilots in the game. However there is nothing really we can do about it for the moment unless somebody wants to record all of the dialog from scratch. With no voice acting in VI the fact that the occasional Terran pilot shows up to say "Watch your six pilot!" does not tear me away from the game at all.

I don't think :v: had it in mind that players might create a campaign where you were actually a Vasudan, not a Terran flying Vasudan craft.

I don't mean to sound rude, but at the moment I think this thread should be used for comments/suggestions about VI and leave these sort of problems where they belong (The FreeSpace Port Upgrade perhaps?).

The E:
Right, suggestions.

This planet has some severely ugly jpg-style compression artefacts.

I also note that some of those background planets seem to be overstretched; reducing their in-game size might help.

Second issue is that I sort of miss the message beep sound. Without it, I am constantly diverting my attention between flying and looking at the message bar, just to see if there's a new message.

We're looking into getting a proper skybox made for Vasuda Prime, which would solve both those problems. None of us are very good at making either planets or skyboxes, though, so we're kind of stuck unless we get more help.

And as far as the message beeps go, we did recommend the use of Text-To-Speech.


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