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Half-Life 2: Episode One

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Bought it through Steam, downloaded seamlessly (though of course it did take a considerable amount of time), and just finished it. IMO, quite worth the money - more than HL2 was, even.

Has anyone else played it?

finished it, played it thru, gotten it for 0.00$, etc...

well, pretty sweet, and zombines were... well, they scared the crap out of me, even more then the fast zombies. and then, those dog-looking creatures... GAAAHH!!! i dont know how i'll be able to play ep2 when it comes out.

overally, pretty fun and worth the bugging to get it to work properly without paying for it. might even play thru it the second time. i really liked it truth to be told.


You should know better Sandwich, use the search.

This might be a stupid question, but do you need an internet connection to play Half-Life 2 et al?

Yep... that is a stupid question. :p

You can either get it via the rather illegitimate way pecenipicek did, i'm sure he'd be glad to enlighten you as to how he accomplished that, otherwise you'll need an online connection to Steam in order to install/activate it. Well worth it, IMO. As fun if not considerable more so than vanilla HL2, and the added commentary mode is surprisingly entertaining.


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