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In honor of Wing Commander...

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In light of the recent Wing Commander happenings and our poll to create a dedicated Wing Commander board, I decided to post a list of the most important Wing Commander fan-projects. :)

* Wing Commander: Secret Ops (Required for Unknown Enemy and Standoff)
* Wing Commander Privateer: Remake
* Wing Commander Privateer: Gemini Gold
* Wing Commander: Unknown Enemy
* Wing Commander: Standoff
I hope you enjoy these fine games. :)

Do you know of any site with information about the series (story,etc)? I really dont know much about WC (in thruth, nothing) and would like to get to know about it.

CIC's background section is probably a good place to start, as is wikipedia. :)

I'm assuming WC isn't as freely available as FS.  As in, it's not abandonware?

There are several titles in Home of the Underdogs. But WC1-5 are not abandonware.


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