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Descent III Project Recruitment


Being the only one registered on HLP out of the team, I've been asked to post here. Descent IV: Project Pavilion is now looking for more Level Designers and Modellers. If you can use D3edit or you can 3D model and you'd like to join, please post in the thread located at

Needed Talent
    * Level Designers
    * Briefing Maker
    * 3D Modellers
    * Texturers

Obviously some of these tasks don't require any knowledge of D3 modding, as texturing and modelling is possible to do without knowing how to convert them to D3 formats (though ofcourse, OOF formats have special points and such that would obviously need to be done by someone). Any of the project members are willing to answer your questions. Once you have joined you will be given access to the internal development forum.

its much too bad i dont have a whole lot of time or id volunteer. ive dabled in descent 2 modding and level editing and i always wanted to mod for d3, but you can thank freespace 2 for diverting my modding efforts. :D sounds like a cool project. i might contribute a model or two if time allows. i got a partially completed pyro model which i was planning on importing into freespace when i finished it. its a more streemlined pyro, departing from the utilitarian look of that other model thats been floating around. its shelfed for the time being, while i work on stuff for nukemod. il gladly donate it if and when i finish it.

Dark Hunter:
Bah, never liked D3 in comparision to the predesecors (I spelled that wrong didn't I? :confused:)
But if you're looking for level designers, you might try searching for the G.E.L.D. (Guild of Evil Level Designers). They developed lots of incredible levels for D and D2 (don't know about D3).


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