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I was just in an EB Games today and I noticed that they have a new series of X-Box game releases out for the original X-Box.  They are the so called 'Platinum Edition' or something along those lines.  They had Ghost Recon for $10.  Thats pretty awesome for what was supposed to be a pretty good game.  Does anyone have Ghost Recon for XBox and how does the game play on that platform?  Are there any other Platinum Edition games that some of you have and might want to suggest as worthwhile parts of a collection?  I have only a few XBox games and I wouldn't mind the odd "new one" to add.

Ghost Recon was awesome back in the day. I'm afraid there probably won't be many people online anymore though. It was a real blast playing co-op on the same box.

I don't have XBox Live! anyways :)

Well, then you won't miss much. :D

I have GR for GC, and, as said, was a great game. I still like to play it today. Co op as well. :D


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