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PREY, You gotta love it

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Colonol Dekker:
OMG, I love it, the way the bar in the intro was so interactive, the fact you "aqquire" your tools in such interesting ways,  portals ( a bit serious sam) but still great, And the gravity is amazing too. Anyone whos played the first few levels will agree i hope.

But what do you guys think?

Finished the game, it was awesome aside from a huge plot hole (one of many, but this one is weirder to me).

Spoiler:Who were those little girls, and why did they come back to haunt me?  :confused:  :shaking:

Seriously though, they seemed to have tried to make a more FEAR like game but then gave up on it and some parts seem to have been left over without any explanation

What? The full game is out?

Yep, for for 360 at least. For a while now, I believe.

I wonder if its worth getting, the demo was very dull.


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