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What's your favorite small online game? What's an interesting one that you've found? Seen any online games that are better than the ordinary?

Here's an interesting one I "came across:" something like FreeSpace vs. Star Fox. I wasn't sure what category to put this in, so I grouped it with other small online games. Take a look:

It's in Java, so you need Java and possibly the Java SDK to run it.

Cool, huh? I especially like the lighting, even though it lags when there are too many ships or bullets on the screen at a time.

Oh, I just realized, it doesn't tell you what the controls are, so they are as follows:

Left / Right -- rotates
Up -- max throttle
Down -- zero throttle
A -- autofire
SPACE -- fire
1 through 0 -- sets throttle

No missiles.

Subspace Continuum

Ah Continuum. I used to play that before I found Soldat.


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