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We have plenty of threads in here for discussing individual games, but what we don't have is a catch-all thread for short blurbs about our current addictions.  So in the tradition of our favorite GenDisc threadnauts, have at it!

I'm currently working on the first-person survival horror title Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.  It's a game that languished in development hell for a few years, which shows in some general clunkiness and mediocre graphics for its time, but damn does it present a fantastically creepy atmosphere.

I've been stuck in a Natural Selection 2 and Nethack rut most recently myself. I want to stop playing NS2 before I burn myself out of it so I can play more when they make more maps but it's too much fun. Nethack is a good time filler kind of game IMHO, but it's too hard to just sit through and play.

Scourge of Ages:
I'm splitting time between MWO and Defender's Quest, with a few minutes a day spent extracting myself from FFXI.

My computer can't handle MWO, so I'm stuck with World of Tanks for all my grindy goodness.  Playing Halo 4 on the side, and Left 4 Dead 2 whenever I've got enough friends on Steam to make it hilarious.

WoT, Civ V a little, going to go back to European Escalation instead of Civ V if there's any multi left, other things on occasion.

And MWO.


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