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Sarkoth's recurring Steam Key giveaway (Humble Bundle leftovers)

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I'm tempted by Audiosurf, but since my sound-card is dead at the moment, I'll wait and give someone else the chance.

If in doubt, just grab it. You're eventually going to get sound again, aren't you?

I grabbed the demo of Audiosurf ages ago and enjoyed it (although I never actually bought it). I'd grab that one now Flipside, it's a keeper.

Ok, I've grabbed it, thank you very much Sarkoth.

I used my Soundcard to death doing audio stuff on Cakewalk Sonar :(

I should get a new one on Wednesday-Thursday depending on postage, so I'll have to just wait till then before playing it.

And no one wants Terraria. It's going to be sad.


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