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Elite: Dangerous

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The E:
So, I just bought this based on its apparent goodness, but having never played any of the Elite games, I have no idea what to expect. Given this community's interest in all things space, what can you guys tell me about it? Any particular good starting tips for getting into the game?

The elite games inspired Wing Commander: Privateer, Freelancer and the X series. As such it's a very free-form game with not so much in the way of plot (yet?).

Can't tell you much else as it's always online and I am not.

Luis Dias:
This thing is out already? Hm. I won't play it, but it does seem .... visually awesome.

The visuals don't impress me that much tbh.
The sounds on the other hand...

Its pretty cool. Still a bit light on content, but this is just the beginning - Frontier are going to add more interesting things to do as time goes on, so I am confident its going to be a great game. And yes, the sounds are of very good quality.


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