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Descent: Underground on Kickstarter

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"Collect loot"

"Level up"

oh..... oh GOD.

Descent, what have they DONE TO YOU?! :shaking:

Where's the Pyro?

it says on their website that they got permission from interplay to use the name.
also this apparently takes place before the other descent games, which is why we don't see the classic descent ship designs.
I'm worried that they are going to stray far from the classic feel of descent, but I think that Eric Peterson is someone who will listen to the community if enough people complain about "level up" and "collect loot". The game is only just beginning development.

Honestly, I don't want another Descent game like the other Descent games. What I'd like to see are strives to modernize the Descent games as opposed to simply making a shinier version of something I've already played

The classic feel is generally speaking, in the 6DoF, claustrophobia inducing mineshafts, music and screeching noises from green cloaking bastards. Now, that is of course, my opinion and it'll differ from person to person, but I won't mind seeing new elements introduced to bring a more dynamic experience


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