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Wing Commander 6: The Undiscovered Release Date (Star Citizen Thread)

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TL;DR: Derek Smart, in a fit of self-righteous anger, is apparently trying to initiate some sort of legal crap against Cloud Imperium over Star Citizen. A move that, given his history with HLP, will likely come as a shock to nobody here.

Get out your popcorn gifs, because dis gon b gud.

EDIT: Update (Derek comments on SomethingAwful)

This is the best thing.  There is absolutely no way this can end in a way that won't be hilarious, no matter who wins.

On one hand, we have a has-been with a huge ego who has an overwhelming tendency to make promises he can't deliver on, and on the other, we have Derek Smart, who must be the only person in the industry to have an even bigger ego.  And, to paraphrase a post on SA, both of them have made the exact same number of good games over the past 15 years.

It's amazing.  Star Citizen is a neverending gold mine of fun (just not in the way Christ Roberts intended).

Well this should be interesting. I'll get the popcorn.

sooo Star Citizen has over run, admittedly by spectacular fashion, but I am at a loss as to what legal justification for recourse he is looking for,
- Broken promise? how many games have been delayed?
- Broken promise after money had changed hands? release dates given on Pre-orders anyone
- Exceeding budget? see first point
- Feature Creep? see first point

Basically he is *****ing about things which while emphasized in SC's case are SOP in the industry.

If he wants to do some good, how about all the Crowd funding projects which have gone belly up after delivering nothing, at least SC is pumping out periodic tech demos.

Now one paragraph I found very interesting was

--- Quote ---end of

So I really do hope and pray that RSI can pull this off, because if someone like me, with all my experience and expertise on this very same subject and who has spent half a lifetime trying can’t do it without sacrificing something (visual fidelity, performance, scope etc) in the process, and they, with all this money and star talent can’t do it either, then it’s safe to say that it simply can’t be done. At least not in our lifetime.

--- End quote ---

Go Home Derek, your drunk

To be fair, he has spent a huge chunk of his life trying to accomplish exactly what Star Citizen is going for, and probably has a better idea than nearly anyone about how incredibly hard it is to pull off.


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