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Standalone - how call a script during gameplay



because i didn't found myself a solution, i need your input.

I have a standalone Diaspora Server and need to run a LUA-Script during gameplay to export some flightdata to show them on another PC at a big screen :-)
If somebody host the game for multiplayer the script run without any problem in the $on frame: Hook
But the standalone did not reach this state, because he didn't render any picture...  :banghead: ;)

The script need not be called every "frame", once a second is enough.

Any ideas or solutions?  :confused:


$On Simulation should be run on every simulation frame which should include the standalone server. That only works with a nightly build so don't try this with 3.7.4.


You are my personal "Hero of the week" for such a quick response!!!!

I'll try and give feedback. If it works as i need you upgrade instantly to my "Hero of the Month"


Well, I might also be the reason you didn't find this information in the wiki because I forgot to update that page when I added the hook :nervous:

okay.... not tested 'til the end, but... well...


is now my HERO of the month 2017.06

:yes:  :nod:   :yes:  :nod:   :yes:  :nod:   :yes:  :nod:   :yes:  :nod:  :yes:

I think, now i can finish my projekt to have an DRADIS screen for our standalone DIASPORA server at the next BSG-LARP ;)

And may be more...


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