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Execute EXE file on computer while playing

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 Hi, i wanted to ask if someone knows if is possible to execute a EXE file stored on the computer while playing, for example when a enemy arrives or whatever.


The E:
Before I answer this, let me ask: What do you want to do?


 I want to use AutoHotKey and run some scripts to turn on lights, display messages... for example.

I learned to program this tool a little and wanted to do some testing if possible  :)

The E:
Ah. That seems much more reasonable than what I feared you wanted to do :)

The answer is simple. Just use

--- Code: ---os.execute("Your command here")
--- End code ---


 Thanks   :p


- Where i put the EXE file, inside mod folder ?

- Wich OS command i must use to launch the file ?

Something like that would work ?

--- Code: ---#Conditional Hooks
$Version: 3.7
$On Game Init:

Graphics.setColor(255, 255, 255)
Graphics.drawString("Running EXE !", 5, 10)


+Override: YES
--- End code ---


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