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Colonol Dekker:
Requiem is a blast from the past.   I recall the demo not quite running well on my pc of the time.

Colonol Dekker:
Blazing sails is free next?   Maybe HLP could make a volition bravo.

Col. Fishguts:

--- Quote from: Antares on November 17, 2023, 01:47:22 pm ---Meanwhile, the original Half-Life is free on Steam until November 20.

--- End quote ---

This is neat, even if you own it already. It comes with a few engine tweaks and includes the "Half-life: Uplink" demo

Colonol Dekker:
I think I've got it from epic already.  It'll come around again.

Colonol Dekker:
Boxing day brings Human Reaource Machine with it, courtesy of epic.


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