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Open Source Master of Magic HD Multiplayer Remake

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If there's any oldschool Dos TBS Master of Magic fans lurking in these forums I've recently made a video (as part of a up and coming Civ related games in HD series) touring what I feel is the best MoM fan project out there called Master of Magic – Implode’s Multiplayer Edition, a brilliant Open Source Java MoM engine rebuild that supports larger maps, up to 14 players (either Human or AI), and any modern resolution like HD 4K etc. The only it's missing is AI and some good bug fixing and polishing.

Although sadly it's creator Implode has gone AWOL and the project has been inactive for a while now.. :(

But hopefully one day he'll return to it, or someone else will finish what he started due to it being opensource...


Looks like I don't have to worry about this unfinished fan remake anymore as it appears we've got an official Master of Magic sequel or Remake on way (courtesy of Slitherine who've bought the rights from Atari's IP dungeon and just made the announcement on their site)!!!

Guess this explains the mysterious Atari activities I noticed recently. Clearly they reacquired MoM so they could sell it to Slitherine for $$$.

I'm such a super fan of this 25 year old game that I run a MoM fans facebook group so as you can image I'm SUPER EXCITED about this news lol. :)

I can't can't believe that after all these years a real sequel just might be happening now. Sadly most of the old MoM forums are long dead so if there's any fans here who know of a good old MoM2 wishlist/feature request list out there please let me know and I'll go post it over on the Slitherine forums (which I've just signed up to).
They've probably barely started the project yet so now is the time to get fan feature requests and wish list items in front of their faces. If the remaining fan base doesn't speak up now then god knows what sort of game we'll end up with. So now is the time to act!

My list:

• BIG ONE - More than 4 enemy players. Implode's MoM HD Multiplayer Remake allowed EVERY wizard in one game for super 14 player games which would have bee EPIC and so much fun had he finished the project.
• Larger maps (Insectiside fan patch added huge map size to the original)
• Limited Spying (most fantasy rpgs have thieves/rogues so it fits and stealing spells would be fun)
• Time limit and bigger cost on time stop spell (if you're planning on having that annoying spell again)
• Demand or give cities in Diplomacy (most 4x games have this now and I like using it to play god/peacekeep and save bullied Civs and minor factions from deaths door)
• Expand Grey Neutral Faction into lots of minor factions with identities and race affiliations (eg a minor Elven race with a minor elf wizard that likes Elven main civs and makes trouble for others.. this is another thing done in modern 4x fantasy and space games)
• More worlds and/or an underground world (although this has already been done before in AoW, HoMM & Warlock series)
• More ocean content eg HoMM series filled oceans with shipwreck lairs and treasures (even Morrowind had underwater caves filled with creatures and treasure so this is not new to fantasy games). You could even have a Merfolk faction with cities in the ocean. The fun Fantasy and Midgard scenarios for Civilization 2 Test of Time had a good underwater Merfolk faction with lots of sea based units/creatures.
• Not essential but some cool weather effects would be a fun immersion factor (especially as you can tie spells into them for gameplay events such as huge storms and earthquakes etc). The Official Playstation remake of Master of Magic has clouds rolling over and some cool weather effects from spells. The new Civ6 addon Gathering Storm is another good example of world changing weather effects.
• Talk to Seravy, he's da man on all things MoM and the creator of the super popular MoM overhaul mod Caster of Magic

EDIT: BIG NEWS! Slitherine have indeed spoken to Seravy as they releasing his Caster of Magic as an official DLC to Master of Magic on Steam and GoG!!!

EDIT2: On top of that Slitherine have also now setup an official Master of Magic forum! And they've kindly moved my ever growing MoM2 wishlist thread into there too. :)

And if all that isn't enough Seravy has hinted that he is working on a Caster of Magic 2! A full MoM rebuild in a new engine with all of CoM's changes built in and much more due to being free of the old games limitations. Eg full 14 wizard salughterfest games!!


WOAH!!! The good news keeps coming for MoM fans. After years Implode has returned from his self imposed exile (think kungfu movie where the bad guy bests the good guy so the good guy climbs up a mountain and learns better kungfu with some old guy with a grey beard who never speaks and then the good guy comes back and kicks the bad guys ass lol) and released a new version of his HD Multiplayer remake of Master of Magic with for the first time FUNCTIONING AI!! This is the moment many like me have been waiting/hoping for.. hopefully people try it and give him some feedback!




Big news! Looks like Seravy's Caster of Magic 2 (possibly renamed to 'Caster of Magic for Windows' now probably by Slitherine lol) is coming out of private beta and going public on steam soon.

What is also very interesting is that it says on the announcement that it supports custom resizable windows and presumably resolutions! I'll try to confirm that since that would be awesome news as Seravy had zero interest in higher viewing resolutions when I last talked to him about it (eg he was gonna keep it at 320x200 still lol). Maybe Slitherine or all his beta testers kept pestering him about it and he found a way to do it lol. Either way it's great news. Modern resolutions plus full 13 Wizard slaughterthon games are gonna be epic! Have wishlisted! Before anyone asks no it is not multiplayer lol (try Master of Magic - Implodes Multiplayer edition remake for that).


Seravy's new Caster of Magic 2 (or Caster of Magic for Windows as Slitherine are calling it) has been officially released on Steam, GoG & Slitherine's own store a few days ago! Sadly my hopes for modern resolutions were dashed (it just stretches 320x200 in a window) so Implodes fan game above is still the only one that does true HD stuff, however CoM has so many other benefits eg a gazillion bug fixes & balance changes, super smart AI opponents, more spells, more buildings, more advanced game modes & options, and best of all NO MORE 5 PLAYER LIMIT!! So umm 14 Wizards going at it in one game? Yes please!

Feel free to drop by the Master of Magic fans Facebook and Discord groups to discuss. Seravy himself is kindly answering questions and bug reports on the discord too!

I know some people aren't huge fans of CoM's changes but maybe Slitherine will take Seravy's new engine source and do a 'MoM for Windows' one day too. Probably wishful thinking but you never know!

Familiar but not quite the same ;)

14 Wizard carnage incoming

Cool new options

Looks the same but apparently the new combat AI is naaaasty


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