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Refresh rate vs. Resolution

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I am looking at getting a 27" monitor to replace my Asus 24" 1920x1080, with a hard cap of $250.

I am running a Core i5 6600K overclocked to 4.1 GHz, 16 GB DDR4, and an RTX 2060. 

I tend to play action games - air/space shooters, FPS, racing, etc.  Forza Horizon 4 is probably the most demanding game I play, or the upcoming Star Wars Squadrons.

My big question is do I go for a 1440P resolution, or a 144+ Hz refresh rate?  I was first leaning toward increased resolution, but then I read somewhere than many people see more of a difference with increased refresh rate.

I've read about pros and cons and it sounds like it comes down to personal preference, but I don't know which I prefer.  So I thought I would see what you all prefer, and why? 

Scourge of Ages:
For fast-paced games, like it seems you prefer, refresh rate is definitely going to be more noticeable.

That said, past a certain point, you're not super likely to notice much of a difference either way. Anything you could do to get a nice balance, maybe 120Hz?

The E:
There's definitely a noticeable improvement in going from 60Hz to 100 or 120. Beyond that, the benefits get more marginal.

That said, within that price range, it will be easier to find a good 1080p high refresh rate display than a good 1440p screen.

EDIT: Hah, I'm wrong. This monitor, a 144Hz 1440p screen, costs just 249 USD at time of posting:

Thanks for the replies (and the link!) 

Note that in Freespace, it's very hard to actually get 100+fps consistently on any hardware. Many missions drop down to 40-50fps in heavy fights due to engine limitations. In other games (especially racing) there is a big improvement at high refresh rates.


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