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Updating Knossos mods to more recent MediaVP versions

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For the record, Novachen's version of Renegade Resurgence is not the current one. The 4.4x optimized version is available. I PMed Novachen about it, asking her to remove/unlist the older version.

Also Goob recently updated INFR1.


--- Quote from: CT27 on September 16, 2022, 06:19:58 pm ---Not too long ago I was able to play CE: Aftermath on FSO 22.2 with MVPs 4.6.6.  Which is odd because up until just recently for me it did require MVPs 3.7.2 (aka 2014 MVPs) for it to be playable.

--- End quote ---

I’ve tested most  or all of the fs2-only mods, and none of them have mvp-related problems beyond compatibility tilemaps.  New builds, being stricter in errors than old ones, sometimes break mods, but mvps seem fine.  I’m looking at making some tbms for a few mods that don’t fully use current assets due to changed pof names since they were made, then I’ll see if the same is true for fsport-reliant mods, where the situation seems a bit more complex.

Tl;dr using only the current version of the mvps doesn’t seem to cause any problems, even with older mods


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