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Updating Knossos mods to more recent MediaVP versions

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--- Quote from: EatThePath on August 30, 2022, 08:22:38 am ---
--- Quote from: 0rph3u5 on August 30, 2022, 04:23:54 am ---Did they fix the issue that Knossos requires exact matches for the package names?

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How exactly does that issue arise, and how in the world would allowing anything else work?

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The issue cropped up around MVP 4.4.0+ I think and was related to the split of MV_Advanced.vp into two MV_Advanced1 and MV_Advanced2, if a mod has that one in their dependencies just moving the MVP version forward would give you an error "X requires FSO MediaVPs but they are not installed" as there is no package by that exact name anymore.
Now, MV_Advanced shouldn't be in required list - but that doesn't mean someone didn't include it for aesthetic reasons (as it contains the weapon effects).

I've had a chance to have a look at some simpler campaigns, focusing on ones that a) don't use the fsport and b) aren't full conversions like Solaris etc.  A simple check, editing the json to point to 4.6.6 and checking all the ships for errors in the f3 room, turns up the following:

The Scrolls of Atenkharzim have a crash and some old assets, but Goober tells me there's already an updated version in the works.

Sync works fine.

Transcend works fine.

Ridiculous has two shivan ships (DRAGON#HUMAN and MANTICORE#HUMAN) that use old assets.  This seems like it should be easy to fix.

I'll keep rolling through these, but knossos keeps forgetting where fs2 is and uninstalling everything so I might keep going in small batches.


All is Fair in Love and War works fine.

Allied Forces is 80% new names for existing craft, most of which refer to old models.  This seems time consuming, but not difficult, to fix.  There are some palette-swap versions that wouldn't be easy.

The Ancient-Shivan war works fine.

Some of these have mod.json entries that seem to suggest they'd be fine with anything above a certain version, but Knossos still insists on installing whatever the base version is.

I checked the Antagonist, and it works fine.

The Apocalypse Vega works fine but has a missing texture on GTI Bretonnia.

EDIT - Dusk wars 2 has an error before changing anything, so I'm not sure how long it's been broken.

Thanks for jumping in on this! I'll try to take a look at a couple myself this weekend.

I've installed all the fs2-only campaigns up to 'D', and my FS2 folder is now 140gb lol

A runthrough of the B ones shouldn't take long.

Boomerang works fine.

Breakthrough, in the mod list as 'capship command thing', works ok but uses old models for the BLU PERSEPHONE, BLU FENRIS, BLU AEOLUS and BLU RAVANA.  These have missing textures.  The EURENOME has some missing textures

Burning Heaven works fine, and has a working GTI Bretonnia and Eurenome with textures that work.


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