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Sins of Solar Empire 2 Yeah baby!!


Finally the news i have been waiting for!!!! Its back and sounds like its going to be good. Working turrets, proper point defense, able to shoot down missiles and torps! full modding support! built on a 64 bit engine. Sounds mint and can't wait. Oh Freespace 2 mod anyone lol. I do hope its as good as the first one. Is the RTS genre on the comeback? Homeworld 3, Tempest Rising, Company of hero's 3 and now this. All i need is for a proper Dawn of war 3 to be announced and will be on cloud 9

Thanks for sharing these links, this is great news indeed!

Besides the various gameplay improvements you just mentioned, I really hope planetary management will get the boost it deserves, with more options on how to exploit the resources on a given planet/planetoid and defend it from enemy attacks.

Happy to hear about the sequel. Thanks for sharing.

I am a bit disappointed to hear that they skimping on emergent story telling - Stellaris has made done a good deal to inject some variation into individual playthroughs and crisis are a nice way to force you to redirect your strategy.


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