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RIP Volition

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 :v: is no more, per a couple of articles i just saw after arriving home for the evening:

Ars Technica


I know FreeSpace was never coming back due to issues discussed at length elsewhere, but this final nail in the coffin kinda stings.

I just read the news. What a gut punch on a Friday morning. :(

Thank you Volition for Descent, FreeSpace, Red Faction, Saints Row and many other gems.  :v-old:

Scourge of Ages:
One more on the corporate-buyout bonepile; they will be missed. *hunger games salute*

They've just released a public letter on their Facebook page as well. Very sad news indeed. Even though they haven't done anything FS-related in ages, that logo kept the soul of FreeSpace alive across the years.

R.I.P.,  :v:

They've just celebrated their 30 year anniversary this past June.

And it's been a good 30 years.


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