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Joystick works in original FS2 but not FSO

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Hello everyone. I've spent hours trying to figure out why I can't use my joystick anymore with Freespace 2 Open. Its a THrustmaster T16000M that had been working fine until i installed a new M2 drive, and took out the Cmos battery in my PC to check it. The joystick shows up in Knossos settings, and Windows 11 too. No joystick in-game with Knossos, same thing with WX Launcher even though it shows in settings there too. One thing strange is the "Apply" button is grayed out on the settings boxes. The stick works fine in MS Flight Simulator 2020. I've reinstalled everything twice. Is there another launcher I can use? Any help appreciated.

For whatever reason an older version of the wxlauncher is still around on most places :lol:.

So download this file and extract it into the wxlaucher/bin folder.
The reason for this problem is, that the SDL2 version that is included in most wxlauncher releases is too old and so creates a different Device ID than the newer SDL2 version FSO expect.
So if you update the SDL2 version for wxlauncher the Device IDs matches again and it should be recognized at least ingame.

However Knossos should use a current SDL2 release and so the problem should not exist there if you can select it in the configuration... mh  :blah:

Hi thanks for the help. I don't know why Knossus doesn't see the stick. Well I had uninstalled WX Launcher before, so I reinstalled it and the FSO installer, but now it won't launch. The  box says application error (0xc000007b). I'm not sure if the folder structure is wrong. I originally had it installed thru GOG, then I switched to Steam to solve the joystick problem, now I went back to GOG. Maybe I should uninstall Knossos before using WX Launcher?

Hello !

Had the same problem here, first unplug any other controller you have, then select your T-16000 in the second line in the "joystick" option, like in the attached image.

Hope it will help !

Thanks for that info Satelight! I was putting it in Joystick 0 instead of 1, but how would i know? I'll let you know when it works.


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