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Can I do this to the multimod from mod.ini file?

primarylist  = ;
secondarylist = mediavps_3612;
tertiarylist = any mod;
quaternarylist = ;

Is it alright to add a tertiarylist from this line?... Does it read/run the mod?

Can I also put quaternary, and so on ???

Does this line can be used?

Am I doing it right or not?

Or does it only just the primarylist and secondarylist are the only available to use?
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I don't think it goes beyond secondary, but there's no real need to; just add a comma between mod entries.

From BP: WiH's mod.ini, for example:
Code: [Select]
secondarylist = blueplanet,mediavps_3612;


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I have never heard of anything being used beyond secondary, can I ask why you are wanting to used beyond secondary? 

Usually if more than one mod is needed to be called they are stacked in the primary or secondary line as needed to get the right presidense and that is all that is effected.  anything in the primary line has the same presidense as the mod calling it, resources in mods called in the secondary line are used unless there is a file with the same name/fields for tbl/tbm in the calling mod or a mod in primary.
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Thanks for the help guys...

As for headdie, I just only asked if this lines are available to use... cause I thought that in a single line for example the secondarylist should have only one mod on the line... so I asked if this tertiarylist can be used or not...

There is no reason that I want to use it beyond the secondarylist... just asking if there is a line like that (tertiarylist and so on)

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However, you can put several mods in the secondary list like you do for ArmA mods.
I have a mods where I had the following:
Code: [Select]
primarylist= Esarai Fleetpack;
secondarylist = Next Gen Render 2010,MediaVP_3.6.12_August_2010,Zoom;

So, basically I have 4 mods running.


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