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Gooooooooooood work
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Whitestar from KA Modding gave me permission to use his B5 (with huge landing bay area) when he finishes it but I think this one will be finished first... besides Shinemaps (Drools)....

  IF they haven't been done yet I converted his Narn Gorith and  Toreth fighters...  IF there are spots open I could ask him about them instead of the B5?

I just need to put subsystems on them but I am lazy, B5 ships don't have shields, but are armed though... I just crank out conversions when I can as progress slows for one interest and increases the nest (ST , B5, RT).. L8tr
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Not sure if it matters, but as a nitpicking point, having the "EA" before "Babylon 5" might need to be flexible given the storyline ;-)


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It's easily fixable in FRED if you don't want it anyway :D
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