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Hey guys check out this site i found it says they still have a community of about 15 players+


mr Zonke:
Hi Magic!
That would be awesome! :D

ps. Also need to say that MCO is awesome, have been enjoying it quite abit recently, excellent work there!!! Wish I had time and skills to contribute..

Thanks a thousand times!!!

Hi again, just for "reference", i've uploaded what i have in here



Hi Guys,

Spent last night revisiting my love of MCG after finding the CD on a shelf. Got it to run on Win7 64-bit with the 'copy the disk to a folder' trick all by myself! A few hours of googling and stuff led me here. I was always of the opinion that MC1 was much better than MC2 and i found these campaigns and would LOVE to download the three 'ready-to-go' installs at the top of this page.

I see Roldski has left that Skydrive open but it looks like they are the component parts, and apparently its hard to install campaigns properly. So.....did those three 'readymade' installas at the top of the page get put somewhere else?

It was a surprise to find the MC stuff as freeware over on the site.....I must have lost my MC2 install disk somewhere, but still have my MCG still in its original case!

Hopefully someone can help me?




Can we please get new links for the MCG missions? Been waiting months and still no links. =(


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