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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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Thank you to everyone who tuned in yesterday or watched the archive. Hoping to get most of the way through the campaign this next Sunday, and I'm doing more reading up on user-created campaigns to add to the list.

Your interest and viewership is appreciated!  :)

Glad to see this. :)  Highlighted.

Hey Goober!  :)

I absolutely LOVE the FreeSpace Port and Silent Threat: Reborn. I cannot wait to show them off in full on the streams. You guys really keep my passion for this game alive with your work. I feel like an 11-year old playing this game with my old Microsoft Sidewinder again when I pull this game up.

Thank you!  And we, in turn, are always delighted when streamers showcase our campaigns on their channels. :)

I'll be streaming again tomorrow, and I've prepared a more formal shout-out to all the talents behind the mods I'm playing, as well as the community here as a whole. I figure getting more attention means it would be a good idea to point people towards where to buy the games, where to come if they're interested in the mods, and who to thank for these wonderful improvements and mods.

I'd like to be sure that I name the appropriate people without having it ramble on for too long, but for the FSPort I found that the main contributors listed on the page were Galactic Emperor, Goober5000, Yarn, and Admiral Nelson. I'd hate to feel like I didn't drop any appropriate names, and I'll do one of these again before each new mod, so if I've missed anyone for the FSPort or the MediaVPs, please let me know so I can revise my script before tomorrow's stream airs.


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