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Something that's been mildly annoying me for a while has been that, while our LOD0s continue to improve in excellence, debris is often an afterthought. We all take shortcuts when we're getting burnt out on a model and debris chunks are one of the last items to be done, so it's totally understandable. But I'm hoping we can elevate these humble clumps of wreckage by, at least, giving them some ragged edges.

I've uploaded a proof-of-concept on Fenris_FS2.pof HERE. If it's well-received I may give the other Terran ships the same treatment. On larger ships or where the debris chunks don't cover the entire ship, these ragged edges would be supplemented by modeled girders and superstructure (simple meshes with the Wireframe modifier applied.)

I'm only going to put in this effort if it's appreciated enough to go into the Media VPs, so please blow up a Fenris and tell me what you think. There's an easy target in the FS2 main campaign mission "Endgame".

If there is one thing that absolutely nobody wants to do, and absolutely somebody should do... It is this thing.

And looks like you found a workflow that's both appropiately lazy and good looking.

I've made some refinements to the Fenris and added the Deimos, try it out HERE.

Iain Baker:
Looking good. This is something that is very much needed 👍

This is nice, and probably more relevant than every as you do a lot with $Debris-parameter in ship.tbl


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