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I think we may need new Captchas unless they're getting through by flesh and blood spammers.

Considering that the only reason to log in to the Wiki is to edit it, perhaps the captcha should be based off something only known to someone who played FS. A few examples could be:

- What star went supernova in FS2? (Capella)
- What planet was cut off from the rest of the galaxy in FS1? (Earth)
- What is the player's designation in both games? (Alpha 1)
- What is the equivalent of "hyperspace" in the FS universe? (Subspace)
- What is the last name of the leader of the anti-alien faction in FS2? (Bosch)

Etc. Basically, the idea being that the answer is not available whatsoever on the page, yet would be readily available online with a slight amount of digging, or immediately for any FS fans.

That's a very good idea actually. I'm all for this.

However whoever implements it, make sure that it's capitalization-agnostic, and if possible, allow for more than one right answer (Alpha 1 / Alpha One).

Could just make it a multiple-choice quiz. Given, say, 6 choices per question, and 5 questions (those being the ones you came up with), that's over 7000 permutations. Admittedly a bot might get it right once in a blue moon if they hammer it hard enough, but I think we could live with that.


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