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Just so you know I can see the titles for internal boards on the main foums page for TVWP, MT, Mindgames.
By the I mean It shows up in the Last Post section.

That bug is seems totally random. it is either a bug in SMF or in the template. Whether it is the template we will soon find out as Sandwich is currently making a new template. If it is a bug in SMF, we can only wait for it to be fixed by SMF developers.

So now that we have separate gaming and support forums, are you going to rename Hard Light as the "Political flamewar and funny news" forum?
EDIT: :o Oh, I see. This is for problems with the site and forums and such. I thought this was for any computer problems. Well, carry on.

I'm running on XP Service pack 2, Internet explorer 6 (7 as of yesterday evening). I've found that on the index page for HLP, the drop down menus at the top ("Home", "Forums" etc), which opened, go behined the page elements and not over, so you can't click on any of the items (see attached picture). The problem persists on the new explorer, so i think its a page bug.

Hope i've been of some help.

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Hmm, same here. I'd like to say it's just a layer order problem, but since I can't seem to find the css for the nav bar...


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