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Lao Tze ?

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--- Quote from: blowfish on September 01, 2008, 12:24:34 am ---Plz fix ur formatting.

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Fixed.  :D

The Thor could have acomplished the same goals as the Mig, and look good doing that. At least in my opinion.

I feel that it doesn't fit in there. Is it remaped, or awaiting a remap?

Also, when will the Sanctus be de-classified?

Androgeos Exeunt:
Nice gatling gun! :D

I agree. Beams aren't everything. Railguns are just as terrible, because they do more damage than a torpedo. If you hit a Lilith six times with a Colossal Railgun, it'll go down very quick.

I'd like to fly that ship someday. :D

Each to their own ShadowGorrath :D

I might play with the map at a later date, but it'll be keeping its white paint scheme.

No comment  :p

Gonna go play the [CLASSIFIED LEVEL OMEGA] mod then.

P.S. Maybe the Lao Tze should have a black and white map, with some logo on it's sides? Just an idea.


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